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Hi! My name is Angel Mariel and I am the main author of this blog. This is dedicated to the one who has inspired me to become a better person. His name is Jung Ji Hoon, or better known all over the world as Rain, or in Korea as 비(Bi). 

I am a new fan of Rain (since December 2012 only). I have always wondered why I only got to know his good character after ten years of his showbiz career. If I knew him earlier, my life could have been very different. He is the reason why I have changed to a cheerful and happy person. His life and his struggles inspire me to also be strong in this tough life we all live in. 

I will try my best to research and share with you the latest news about him. This humble blog, Rain Cloud Pilipinas, is based in the Philippines. Fans from all over the world are welcome to participate and contribute. 

Some credits: Thanks to Jess MK of Rainthetreasure for our beautiful background and for customizing the image for me! Thank you also to all my fellow Clouds for inspiring me in creating this blog!

Disclaimer: Photos posted in this blog belong to their respective owners. Please see watermarks. :)

-Angel Mariel 

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