Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Best Present

What’s the song that's stuck in your head, Clouds?

The moment we have all been anticipating is here! It's Rain’s comeback in music. With a special song produced by Psy, I expected that the genre would be of dance RnB style. However, after hearing the song, the beat and rhythm is a signature feel of a Rain song. Two thumbs up!

The music video is a sight to behold! Rain dancing in a stream of lights make him stand out. Black costumes against black background, or white against white... the contrast given by the lights is perfect. The choreography is in sync not only with the rhythm but also with the lyrics. The dance moves draws a lot of inspiration from the person that Rain looks up to the most: Michael Jackson. But Rain gives it a twist of his own signature moves, as seen in the fast tempo at the bridge part. Now, it has become distinctly Rain’s. Take a look below:

The signature beats at the start of the song inspired such a strong wave of nostalgia. After two years since 30 Sexy and La Song, it feels so good to listen to him singing again. This time, it is a slow ballad with nice lyrics...

The best gift this world has given me you
I dream the same dream with
Your eternal name
The greatest joy
Open your eyes like
On the same day, close your eyes and wave 

Clouds have been eagerly listening to it over and over!

Upgraded  to the high level!!!!
The KING is back 

-Cloud Ruby

I love his new song, his new dance oh and his voice is impressive 

His moves are perfect! He becomes hotter with age. His performance is effortless and timeless. 

It was good. The melody, being in Korean, is beautiful. He is really a skilled dancer. Love his dance… so suave; and his moves are precise. 

It's beautiful! Even the dance, it's awesome! His smile at the end topped it all  -Hazel

But of course, to us, the best present is Rain! We look forward to more performances! Nothing is as charming and enchanting as seeing Rain sing and dance live on stage!

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