Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rain for LAviva Ice Fruit Tea

It's all over our news feeds, Clouds! Rain's success in China is exemplary. The drama Diamond Lover, the successful stage performances, and the endorsements keep coming for our hero. LAviva Ice Fruit Tea is one of the products which teamed up with Rain. Oh, I foresee sales skyrocketing! 

(Photos courtesy of LAviva Ice Fruit Tea)

The LAviva banner on their website

LAviva Ice Fruit Tea is a refreshing tea-based drink sold in China. It is available in three flavors: apple, lemon, and peach.

The company released a series of animated gif's and still photos in the past few weeks showing Rain as their brand ambassador. Here are some...

And on January 31, LAviva Ice Tea had a launching event in Shanghai. There were products on display with Rain's face all over them! Sweet! And I know you would like to take home those standees, too, right? 

(Photos courtesy of LAviva and Clouds on Weibo)

The CF was shown on flat screen TVs

An interactive game was setup, too.

LAviva Ice Fruit Tea on display

A closeup photo of the bottles with Rain's photo on it

Rain's standees...

The LAviva Ice Fruit Tea CF... Hmmm... Behind the scenes photos are now up, courtesy of the company. 

Working on photos...

But... I guess we'd just have to leave it hanging for now. The official CF deserves a separate space on this blog. It's that amazing! Just take a look a one more spectacular BTS photo... 

Sexy Rain...

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