Monday, June 2, 2014

Rain Effect in Guangzhou

Following Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou was the third stop for the Rain Effect shows in China. Certainly it was a memorable day for fans of Rain in that city held at Guangzhou Gymnasium on May 24, 2014. 

Photo and video credits: Weibo users, official photographers, as tagged and as watermarked

Lucky for us, @简爱kevin at Weibo posted pre-show pictures and gave us a glimpse of the stage before people filled it in. 

The Guangzhou Gymnasium a day before the show

Then, on the night of the show, Clouds filled the venue to the rafters. And holding out light sticks, they brought out vivid colors  which danced along with the lights on the stage. It's one big event, all right!

Just before Rain came on stage, a spectacular black and white illusory montage was played with the 35-second Rain Effect track. This heightened the anticipation to see Rain in the flesh on stage. As you can tell by the screams in the video below, it was certainly very effective. I know you will scream, too! (^_^)

Video below taken by Chanpeony and shared by Shirley Ri on YouTube:

Turn up the volume, turn on the lights... towards the end... keep it please don't stop the music... Party-ya-ya Baby... 

Yep, Rain is right... the party has just begun! 

Rain performed quite a few songs from the Rain Effect album like 30 Sexy as mentioned, La Song, Dear Mama Don’t Cry, and Marilyn Monroe. Aside from that, he also sang his all-time popular hits like You, How to Avoid the Sun, I’m Coming, It’s Raining, Touch Ya, My Girl, I Do, Hip Song, With You, Fresh Woman, Bad Boy, and Instead of Saying Goodbye

Slick and suave moves make Rain such an eye catcher. Feast your eyes on his gorgeous body as he performs How to Avoid the SunVideo courtesy of Superdog Spinz:

And now... for the photos... take a deep breath!
Rain is stellar! Photo source

Rain smiling during his La Song performance. Photo source

Rain flashing off his cutest smile. (^_^) Photo source
That, my friends, is the dramatic 'wow' effect

Can you feel the rhythm, y'all?
Such soul coming from a great singer!

Oh yeah, that's cute, man! (^_^)

Of course, the whole Wild Rabbits dance team on stage! 
Some of my favorite moments from the show are when he performed Touch Ya. This was probably the most energetic number Rain has had for the show! The choreography of this song has always brought out the masculine energy to go with the tough rhythm...

Fan cam below by rainalu at Youku, as shared by Rain's Little Cloud on YouTube:

La Song is one of my favorite songs and his performance here was sublime. If Touch Ya was the most energetic, this one would be the most enjoyable to watch! Seeing Rain with his cutest smile and dancing to the Latino rhythm of the song is sensational! You could hear the audience singing (and most probably dancing) to the tune! 

Fancam below by Sarah Ng, and shared by Rain's Little Cloud on YouTube

And the final dance routines in the finale was a good end to the entire concert. Aww come on! It was an encore of La Song and Hip Song, plus Rain and his crew danced freestyle to Kriss Kross’s Jump! 

Fancam by Superdog Spinz, shared on Rain's Cloud Thailand page on YouTube

And my favorite photos of the night are… 

Just because...
What a wonderful view!
It was such a phenomenal concert! It gave the audience the true feeling of what the Rain Effect is! For more fan cams, check out the YouTube channels of Rain’s Little Cloud and Rain’s Cloud Thailand. Thanks to the awesome audiences who brought us photos and fan cams of the Rain Effect Show in Guangzhou. I, myself, hope that I would be able to attend Rain’s concert in the future! (^_^)

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