Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thank You

Thank you for supporting this blog. Today, March 13, 2014, marks the first year of Rain Cloud Pilipinas. To be honest, I had my doubts on starting this at first. I felt that everything that could be written about Rain had already been published. After all, there are a lot of sources and blogs who are really quick on the uptake and on the movements in the entertainment scene. But boy I was so wrong! Haha~ Look at how his career is booming! That means more write-ups coming! It is actually a lot! Like woah, our man is just on the move! Now, I am thinking of a strategy to catch up fast! Hahaha~

Thank you so much for reading this Rain dedicated blog. It has surpassed my personal blog on views per post. And it has achieved in six months what took me 3 years to achieve with my personal blog. Just goes to show how Clouds are very supportive of their fellow Clouds.

And to Rain, my inspiration, you will always have my thanks. Always be on the move, dear one. You inspire me to write more. Fighting! (^_^)


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  2. Thank you for your posts! I like your blog very much! one of the best blogs about Rain

    1. Thanks marusya nya :) (^_^) I will do my best to write better articles about Rain :)

  3. happy birthday Cloud Pilipinas....1 year and counting, right? i love visiting here...

  4. many m0re years to cloud pilipinas!!! :)

  5. many m0re years to cloud pilipinas!!! :)