Sunday, March 30, 2014

恭喜! Rain at the QQ Music Awards

March 27, 2014 - This year's QQ Music Awards was held at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center where Rain was guest. This prestigious award is organized by QQ is a messaging service. However they do have a lot of related services such as a online music store, search, and online shopping. If Baidu is the Google in China, then QQ is the Skype/Amazon of China.

Photo credits:, Weibo users, as tagged and as watermarked. 

Rain at the 2014 QQ Music Awards
Rain performed his two hit songs 30 Sexy and La Song. He looked stunning as he donned a formal suit instead of the usual costume that accompanies the song.  Now there's a new look of what 30 Sexy is all about! 

Rain wearing a suit for 30 SEXY. Photo credit: as watermarked
The stage was colored by visualizations of laser light which moved in sync with the rhythm. And our man shows his strong stage presence by performing at his best. The competitive, 'always winning' Rain on stage! 

Rain's black stage with white lights for 30 SEXY.

Rain's colorful stage for La Song
The sound system is good for this awarding ceremony. You can here the live voice of Rain, the echos, his breath, and his very sexy falsetto is crisp clear detail! The music doesn't overpower his voice at all. Yep yep, I know you want to see his performance! So here it is... 

Video courtesy of and shared by mazingga69 on YouTube:

Still breathing? Hehehe~ And if you got dizzy watching the video or if just can't get over him... here are more stills. Images credit as tagged:

First stop, we can see how Rain was very much pleased because he shared photos of his performance on his Instagram account:

Here are more photos from the audience, shared on Weibo! (^_^)

The news has splashed all over the internet! Rain won the 最具影响力的海外艺人 (Most Influential International Artist Award). Rain spoke in Chinese and English in his acceptance speech. It's nice to hear from him again! 

Rain during his speech at the 2014 QQ Music Awards

Rain said in Chinese: “大家好, 我是Rain. 好久不见,非常感谢”  (Hi! My name is Rain. Long time no see. Thank you very much.) Take a look at the video below to hear more of what he said in English:

Video courtesy of Compiled, edited, and shared by BiRain625 on YouTube:

Congratulations, Rain, for this most deserved award! 

Awww... (^_^)
Here are photos from Rain, plus a selfie! This event made him post a lot on Instagram. 

Clouds are very happy for Rain. Here's to a fruitful career in China! And as the caption of RTT-1347 goes...

Fighting for your dreams is never easy, but it’s always worth it.
Congratulation, Rain..We are so happy and proud of you.

RTT-1367 by Rainthetreasure

恭喜, Rain!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thank You

Thank you for supporting this blog. Today, March 13, 2014, marks the first year of Rain Cloud Pilipinas. To be honest, I had my doubts on starting this at first. I felt that everything that could be written about Rain had already been published. After all, there are a lot of sources and blogs who are really quick on the uptake and on the movements in the entertainment scene. But boy I was so wrong! Haha~ Look at how his career is booming! That means more write-ups coming! It is actually a lot! Like woah, our man is just on the move! Now, I am thinking of a strategy to catch up fast! Hahaha~

Thank you so much for reading this Rain dedicated blog. It has surpassed my personal blog on views per post. And it has achieved in six months what took me 3 years to achieve with my personal blog. Just goes to show how Clouds are very supportive of their fellow Clouds.

And to Rain, my inspiration, you will always have my thanks. Always be on the move, dear one. You inspire me to write more. Fighting! (^_^)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rain on Harper's Bazaar Korea and Bazaar Men Style China (March 2014 Issue)

There was a deluge of photos in Rain's World this week! Rain is featured on Harper's Bazaar Magazine in Korea and Bazaar Men Style in China for this month. 

The photos were expected as Baekga (photoby100gave hints about him and Rain heading to New York for what looked like a photo shoot. 

But we were surprised that it was for Harper's Bazaar magazine. Furthermore, what we didn't see coming is Rain on Bazaar Men Style magazine, too.

For Harper's Bazaar Korea, Rain wore the clothing brand H&M and the theme of the photos was City Ranger. Photo credits:

Commendation goes to the photographer Baekga and his staff for great photos! It is very chic, the angles are at its best, and the lighting is perfect. All the elements complement the subject. The setting is very fitting to the theme. What better place to shoot than in New York! 

Here is the making of the City Ranger photo shoot: Click the link and be prepared to say "Wow!"

Rain is also on Bazaar Men Style magazine in China. He graced the cover and here is another "Wow!" to go with it! 

Photo credits: @Cm_TRinity at Weibo

Take a look at the spread with a feature on Rain and Rain Effect...

The article about Rain on Bazaar Men Magazine China. Photo by @Cm_TRinity
Rain on the table of contents page. Photo by @Cm_TRinity
For this magazine feature, Rain wore the latest from MCM. Do you still remember the FIDé Fashion Weeks event in Singapore months ago? On October 11, 2013 to be exact, Rain was guest at the MCM fashion show where the latest collection called Flower Boys in Paradise was presented. 

Now four months later, we see him donning the collection with a short interview....

And here are my favorites from both magazines:

Handsome. Stylish. Gorgeous. Rain is at his best fashionable self. It is very clear that is comfortable on camera. May it be on video or stills, our man proves his prowess as a model. Whatever brands he wears and styles he chooses, Rain knows how to make it work.