Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[Review] Volume 6: Rain Effect (Album by Rain)

“I decided to sing such songs to live up to my name Rain.”                                                                                                                      -Rain on Rain Effect                                                                                           (Interview by Osen, Translated to English by 화니)

n001, RAIN2 It’s Raining, Eternal Rain, Rain’s WorldRainism, Back to the Basic…These are all fabulous albums by Rain.

But what about his sixth album, Rain Effect ?

If you put all of Rain’s songs in one playlist, you can clearly hear how his music has evolved from one album to another. Rain Effect, his 6th album, has a unique and engrossing feature that makes it a stand out from his previous releases. 

Rain has improved on his music without breaking from his image as Rain. There are still songs about heartbreak (Baby, Found Out), about partying (Rain Effect, 30 Sexy, Where are You Going Oppa?), about Rain (Superman, La Song), and about love (Marilyn Monroe, Dear Mama Don’t Cry). These themes were consistently present in his previous albums.

For Rain Effect, Rain seemed to use electronic rhythms to convey his emotions. As a result, the songs have prominent bass beats that blend with his voice. The product? Captivating and one-of-a-kind sounds in harmony! I would recommend listening to this album with Bass Boost on if your speakers have that feature. Trust me, it sounds better!

Unlike his previous albums, the songs in the album Rain Effect have more emphasis on the background music. Funky electronic beats make the songs light-hearted and fun. Rain uses his falsetto voice in the songs 30 Sexy and Superman. There is something in falsetto that makes the songs really sexy! (^_^) 

There are varying sound effects embedded in the tracks, as well. If you listen carefully, there are minute details like gentle water droplets, wind chimes, finger snaps, claps, and more. Furthermore, he incorporated heavier bass and electronic beats even on slow songs. Baby, for example, has a dominant electric guitar and percussion in the background. Of course there still those lovely melancholic ballads, but the overall package of Rain Effect possess this fun and vibrant vibe. 

One of those fun tracks would be La Song, a Latin American infused melody. And it makes this album more interesting. It is a bit of a risk to release such a unique song, especially since it sounds so different compared to the other chart toppers in the K-Pop scene. Rain is a trendsetter and he has fired the first salvo to announce that he is here to stay!

Listening to the album is fascinating! It starts with such energy. It then peters down to a slow flow with songs like Marilyn Monroe and Baby. Finally, it ends with a bang with the remix version of 30 Sexy. It was as if the energy flow of the songs were in a cycle. This should make it easy to listen to on repeat.

Rain did a good job with this album. He did collaborations with renowned composers in the K-pop music industry and had creative control over the tracks. Through this, he is able to share what is in his heart and mind. It is incredible to hear the creation of Rain! 

Overall I would say that this album is really really good! It is as fabulous, if not better than the previous albums. With such a nice and easy listening, I know that I would be putting it on repeat for the next few days Definitely a five out of five stars! Perfect! 

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