Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Rain!

The most awaited 25th June has arrived! With this, we greet our beloved Jung JiHoon: "Happy Birthday!". Whether 32 (Western age) or 33 (Korean age), Rain proves that age is but a number. Our hero grows all the more handsome with time. (^_^)

Beautiful artwork by harudoful 
We extend our heartfelt birthday messages to Rain. Special thanks to Lili and Jess of Rainthetreasure for these beautiful videos. 

Happy Birthday, Rain! (^_^) 


Your Clouds 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Sweet Day of June 13

Now, who knew Friday the 13th could be so beautiful! Seeing our man basking into the sun which seemed to make his flawless skin glow. Oh! He is brighter than the day! 

Photo credits: various Korean media, Weibo users, as tagged and as watermarked. 
It's a lovely day! Photo by Starnews 
Yeah, I know that most of our brains still can't get over our gorgeously sharped-dressed man gracing the red carpet of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival. But I think the day before that was just as fabulous. Agree? (^_^)

First, we saw him donning a max-stylish boyish look at Incheon International Airport for his departure trip to China. 

Rain's June 13 OOTD. Photo by MBN Star
We all know that Rain has always been fashionable in his airport photos. But what got me into the June 13 photos is the eyeglasses. The humongous, polygon-shaped, black spectacles which seemed to frame his face and highlight it. It didn't hide his lovely eyes unlike what ordinary glasses did.  

Those spectacles are fashionable. Photo by

What completed the look is his hair! Oh! And the watch and beaded bracelet, too! And... And those black earphones! And the elegant bag with a subtle yet intricate futuristic design is to die for! Eh? I can't choose just one striking accessory. Hmmm... maybe the white Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Low "Concord" sneakers, which definitely stands out from the all black outit. Hehehe~ Basically, all of the stylish elements are excellently put together!

I think we all know what completed the look... It is his sweet smile...

Rain's smile... 
Afterwards, we saw Rain (still fabulous in a casual attire) with fellow Korean actor Song Seung-Heon at the party organized by the influential Yue-Sai Kan, The Ambassador of International Promotion of Shanghai International Film Festival. Also present at the party was, the Jury President of The 17th SIFF, renowned actress Gong Li.

From left: Rain, Yue-Sai Kan, Gong Li, and Song Seung-Heon

And Rain posted a gorgeous selfie with Gong Li on his Instagram account

It's nice to see Rain rubbing elbows with China's Film-Making Industry's Elite. A toast to the success of our man in China! \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/

Of all the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th, good things do happen on this day! A chock full of Rain! And yeah... lemme get on the write up of the 17th SIFF. Thanks for reading, guys... catch you later!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Rain Effect in Guangzhou

Following Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou was the third stop for the Rain Effect shows in China. Certainly it was a memorable day for fans of Rain in that city held at Guangzhou Gymnasium on May 24, 2014. 

Photo and video credits: Weibo users, official photographers, as tagged and as watermarked

Lucky for us, @简爱kevin at Weibo posted pre-show pictures and gave us a glimpse of the stage before people filled it in. 

The Guangzhou Gymnasium a day before the show

Then, on the night of the show, Clouds filled the venue to the rafters. And holding out light sticks, they brought out vivid colors  which danced along with the lights on the stage. It's one big event, all right!

Just before Rain came on stage, a spectacular black and white illusory montage was played with the 35-second Rain Effect track. This heightened the anticipation to see Rain in the flesh on stage. As you can tell by the screams in the video below, it was certainly very effective. I know you will scream, too! (^_^)

Video below taken by Chanpeony and shared by Shirley Ri on YouTube:

Turn up the volume, turn on the lights... towards the end... keep it please don't stop the music... Party-ya-ya Baby... 

Yep, Rain is right... the party has just begun! 

Rain performed quite a few songs from the Rain Effect album like 30 Sexy as mentioned, La Song, Dear Mama Don’t Cry, and Marilyn Monroe. Aside from that, he also sang his all-time popular hits like You, How to Avoid the Sun, I’m Coming, It’s Raining, Touch Ya, My Girl, I Do, Hip Song, With You, Fresh Woman, Bad Boy, and Instead of Saying Goodbye

Slick and suave moves make Rain such an eye catcher. Feast your eyes on his gorgeous body as he performs How to Avoid the SunVideo courtesy of Superdog Spinz:

And now... for the photos... take a deep breath!
Rain is stellar! Photo source

Rain smiling during his La Song performance. Photo source

Rain flashing off his cutest smile. (^_^) Photo source
That, my friends, is the dramatic 'wow' effect

Can you feel the rhythm, y'all?
Such soul coming from a great singer!

Oh yeah, that's cute, man! (^_^)

Of course, the whole Wild Rabbits dance team on stage! 
Some of my favorite moments from the show are when he performed Touch Ya. This was probably the most energetic number Rain has had for the show! The choreography of this song has always brought out the masculine energy to go with the tough rhythm...

Fan cam below by rainalu at Youku, as shared by Rain's Little Cloud on YouTube:

La Song is one of my favorite songs and his performance here was sublime. If Touch Ya was the most energetic, this one would be the most enjoyable to watch! Seeing Rain with his cutest smile and dancing to the Latino rhythm of the song is sensational! You could hear the audience singing (and most probably dancing) to the tune! 

Fancam below by Sarah Ng, and shared by Rain's Little Cloud on YouTube

And the final dance routines in the finale was a good end to the entire concert. Aww come on! It was an encore of La Song and Hip Song, plus Rain and his crew danced freestyle to Kriss Kross’s Jump! 

Fancam by Superdog Spinz, shared on Rain's Cloud Thailand page on YouTube

And my favorite photos of the night are… 

Just because...
What a wonderful view!
It was such a phenomenal concert! It gave the audience the true feeling of what the Rain Effect is! For more fan cams, check out the YouTube channels of Rain’s Little Cloud and Rain’s Cloud Thailand. Thanks to the awesome audiences who brought us photos and fan cams of the Rain Effect Show in Guangzhou. I, myself, hope that I would be able to attend Rain’s concert in the future! (^_^)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy 12th Debut Anniversary, Rain!

It's April 24! All of us Clouds greet Rain a Happy 12th Debut Anniversary! Our hardworking idol is our inspiration. For 12 years, he has shown us to face life and to fight for our dreams.  

There will be no Clouds without Rain. And for all that he has achieved, we wish him all the best in this life. He deserves nothing but the best.  

Happy Anniversary, dear one! Be happy! 

Happy Rain. Photo credit as watermarked

Sunday, March 30, 2014

恭喜! Rain at the QQ Music Awards

March 27, 2014 - This year's QQ Music Awards was held at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center where Rain was guest. This prestigious award is organized by QQ is a messaging service. However they do have a lot of related services such as a online music store, search, and online shopping. If Baidu is the Google in China, then QQ is the Skype/Amazon of China.

Photo credits:, Weibo users, as tagged and as watermarked. 

Rain at the 2014 QQ Music Awards
Rain performed his two hit songs 30 Sexy and La Song. He looked stunning as he donned a formal suit instead of the usual costume that accompanies the song.  Now there's a new look of what 30 Sexy is all about! 

Rain wearing a suit for 30 SEXY. Photo credit: as watermarked
The stage was colored by visualizations of laser light which moved in sync with the rhythm. And our man shows his strong stage presence by performing at his best. The competitive, 'always winning' Rain on stage! 

Rain's black stage with white lights for 30 SEXY.

Rain's colorful stage for La Song
The sound system is good for this awarding ceremony. You can here the live voice of Rain, the echos, his breath, and his very sexy falsetto is crisp clear detail! The music doesn't overpower his voice at all. Yep yep, I know you want to see his performance! So here it is... 

Video courtesy of and shared by mazingga69 on YouTube:

Still breathing? Hehehe~ And if you got dizzy watching the video or if just can't get over him... here are more stills. Images credit as tagged:

First stop, we can see how Rain was very much pleased because he shared photos of his performance on his Instagram account:

Here are more photos from the audience, shared on Weibo! (^_^)

The news has splashed all over the internet! Rain won the 最具影响力的海外艺人 (Most Influential International Artist Award). Rain spoke in Chinese and English in his acceptance speech. It's nice to hear from him again! 

Rain during his speech at the 2014 QQ Music Awards

Rain said in Chinese: “大家好, 我是Rain. 好久不见,非常感谢”  (Hi! My name is Rain. Long time no see. Thank you very much.) Take a look at the video below to hear more of what he said in English:

Video courtesy of Compiled, edited, and shared by BiRain625 on YouTube:

Congratulations, Rain, for this most deserved award! 

Awww... (^_^)
Here are photos from Rain, plus a selfie! This event made him post a lot on Instagram. 

Clouds are very happy for Rain. Here's to a fruitful career in China! And as the caption of RTT-1347 goes...

Fighting for your dreams is never easy, but it’s always worth it.
Congratulation, Rain..We are so happy and proud of you.

RTT-1367 by Rainthetreasure

恭喜, Rain!