Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Rain Effect

What is the Rain Effect? 

Popular culture has a way of ingratiating itself with Science. Artists often draw inspiration from the things that influence the times. Take for example, the Butterfly Effect from Chaos theory, which is how a small change can have a large effect on the world. In simpler terms, it is like how a flapping of a butterfly’s wings creates a hurricane in the future, in any given time and place. 

The Butterfly Effect comes about due to the sensitivity and dependence of events on initial conditions. And Rain is our initial condition, the change starter. The person who pushes the first domino of events. 

Poster by: Mwave
First off, Rain Effect as his latest reality show on TV. It airs every Thursday 11PM KST on Mnet. It can be also watched online on Mwave, though it is subject to availability in some countries. 

Rain Effect Poster. Credit: Mnet
It is a show which showcases the life of Rain behind the world of celebrity. You will see how simple his house is.  It is not like any of the celebrity houses depicted in MTV Cribs, but a house similar to ours. It has a minimalist design, and seeing Rain going about his everyday life makes him seem more like a real person rather than some untouchable and far away celebrity. 

Rain's house. Photo source
We get to see him while he is working too, catching a glimpse of how he moves about backstage. How he concentrates hard and focuses before performing on stage and him releasing his tension by gasping for air once he leaves it. He does not leave any room for errors or mistakes, showing how he professional and dedicated he is in doing his best for the audience.

Rain concentrates hard. Photo credit: Mnet
And surprise! Rain Effect is also the name of his new album to be released on January. Three songs have been revealed out of a total of eleven songs: 

1. Rain Effect
2. 30 SEXY

The double title singles, as previously revealed, are 30 Sexy and LA Song. 

So okay, now what are your speculations regarding the songs? Hmmm…  Of course with a title like 30 Sexy, it would probably be something related to how he is sexy at 30. It’s kind of a misnomer since he will always be sexy at any age. Kekekeke… 

La Song or LA Song? News sources say that it is a fusion of different genres like Funk, Electronic, Rock, etc.. This would be a collection of genres that he has never done before. I can’t imagine how different types of music would work together. But if it is Rain, then it worked!  And with regards to the description of LA Song, it would feature an upbeat music which would showcase his dancing skills! Color me curious but I’m very interested in listening to this song now, and all the more excited at seeing Rain’s choreography with it!

So the question remains: What is the Rain Effect? 

Rain Effect is more than just a TV show or his new album, it is about how Rain influences us with his movements and decisions. What we have is just a preview. Rain Effect is still on its early stages. It will go be a full blast once January comes. Oooh...Can’t wait! 

What about you? It’s been two weeks so what is the result of the Rain effect on you?


  1. Thank You for Sharing. I'm Counting days all over again waiting for Rain. Excited ready to dance that intro at MAMAS fascinates me and it was different than anything I have heard. If its an example of what is to come. King Rain will see again at number 1.

    In the end I'm thankful JJH shared his dedication and what it takes to be Rain, in form of the Rain Effect. He surprises When I think I know Rain Boom I learn something new. Like how caring indeed he is to family and Clouds.

    1. Hi Gia! Yep, I realized how Rain is very kind and sweet to the people around him, and to his fans.. and how he is very strong in facing the negative comments being thrown at him. Despite it all, we see him Fighting! :) Aja!