Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rain-ing for the Third Time in Hollywood!

Rain is slowly making a BIG comeback to the showbiz industry. It was announced in his MAMA 2013 performance about his upcoming projects like the Rain Effect and his new album coming this January 6, 2013. 

We all thought he would focus on being a singer and dancer more than his acting. But then came the good news that he would have a new movie. And it’s not just in any production, but in Hollywood! Yeah baby! 

Following Speed Racer (2008) and Ninja Assassin (2009), Rain will star in the movie The Prince along with Bruce Willis, Jason Patric, John Cusack, and 50 Cent. It will be of an action thriller genre. Good, as the action genre is precisely my taste. 

The crew for the movie started filming in Mobile, Alabama right after Thanksgiving. News reports say it started with a “Bang!”

Ah, sweet spoilers. Haha~ Honestly, as a movie enthusiast myself, I don’t like being fed with pictures of the set or of the filming. But Rain himself started it all, with a change in his profile picture in Twitter…

Rain's new profile pic in Twitter. Credit: @29rain 

Aperture Entertainment and film producer Adam Goldworm commended Rain on his acting skills, too. 

And Clouds will be Clouds, the best in the art of stalking. Hehehe~ So if you are like me who don’t like to see spoilers, then don’t scroll down any further. 

Nah, I know you will! Hahahaha~~ So read on… 

So, here an image of the filming. It was taken from the upper point of view and thus, we can’t tell who is who in the picture. 

The filming of The Prince. Photo by @Mleonard0128  

And courtesy of Clouds in the USA, we get to see the set and the persons working behind the camera… 

Photos by Cloud USAers Tammy, Cyndi, and Gee. Credits as tagged, as shared by Cloud USA

Gisele Winnier and Tammy Harriel with film producer Fred Song
Bruce Willis and film producer Adam Goldworm

Most important one of all, we are treated to a glimpse of the character named Mark. 

Rain with Cyndi Lacefield and Tammy Harriel
I wonder who Mark is in the movie. Is he the prince? The protagonist? A villain? Ah, Mark is played by Rain. For sure, he will make us feel the character, or make us emotionally invested as we live viscerally through Mark. 

Seeing from the above photos and from the information available online, I can only guess that this movie will be sophisticated. It will be Rain’s third movie in Hollywood. And we all look forward to seeing him on the big screen, and watching a movie with an unforgettable plot that will leave an imprint to your senses. Rain will definitely make a mark in this movie. 

No release date has been slated for The Prince as of the present time. It is a production by Aperture Entertainment. 

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