Monday, December 30, 2013

My BEST Christmas Gift: 30SEXY RAIN at Incheon International Airport

---------------------------------A fan account by Cloud Sister Odette R. Santos--------------------------------

All along, I have always had this wish of meeting and seeing my favorite idol Rain. It was with this wish in my heart that I travelled to Seoul, South Korea this year to celebrate Christmas and new year with my niece, Gheeric. We arrived there on the 23rd of December. It was just a simple wish that any fan girl would make, to meet with their idol and get his autograph. 

A week into our wonderful stay, I was informed by Cloud Sister Terry Yu (Thank you so much!) that Rain would be going to Singapore on the 30th of December. I cancelled all our plans immediately and rushed to Incheon international Airport. All the while praying that I would catch my favorite idol Rain.

Me at Incheon International Airport
After travelling 2 hours via the subway system, we finally reached Incheon Airport at 4:30pm of December 30. We raced to the Korean Airlines counters and I saw Rain’s dancers there. I recognized Hongshi and proceeded to strike up some small talk with him. I got a picture with him too.

Me with Hongshi
I also saw the lady whom we spoke to when we visited the Rainy’s Entertainment officer last July. I passed her our gifts to Rain (Feli Saldana’s gift and my gift) to her. I also passed Feli's personal letter to her. She was nice about it. I must say, that Rainy Entertainment has the most pleasant and approachable staff. Even the managers are pleasant to talk to.

They were all busy with checking, so I just waited patiently for them to finish. Once they were done, I decided to follow them as my intuition was telling me that Rain should be arriving anytime soon since it was nearly 5 PM. Then a black van came by and Rain’s manager walked out. I was right! Rain had just arrived with his good Friend KevinRa.

I was rendered speechless with joy as he approached to where I was standing. I was so starstruck that my whole body was shaking. Though I did not realise it at that time, I was so close to Rain that I was holding onto his arms. It was thanks to my niece Gheeric who acted as my official photographer using her newly bought CANON camera. I handed over the photo that I was carrying with me to ask for his autograph. Rain was so nice and accomodating! I’ve gotten my best christmas gift this year! His signature! He tried to pass me back his pen, but I told him, “Sorry it’s not mine”. 

I told him I am his CLOUD from the Philippines that I love him so much - We love him so much. Take care and have a safe flight to Singapore, Rain!

Thank you to bisabang who captured my moment with Rain. Video courtesy of bisabang  on YouTube:

RAIN's so tall, cute and sexy, and he had beautiful skin with the complexion of milk. I do feel that the title track of his new album #30SEXY best describes him. I am so happy that I saw him in person! He looks as great and as cute as always. Truly, Rain is a sight to behold.He is a shining world star and my inspiration.

I feel so blessed to have seen him again after July 10th 2013. In my heart I am proud to say and affirm the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my entire life: To be Rain’s CLOUD forever and to love ONLY RAIN for the rest of my life. 

Me and Rain's autographed pictures


  1. Congrats dear Odette! you deserve this! and more! Kisses from Spain

  2. Lucky lucky girl! So happy for you!!!