Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rain at the Bazaar Men Style People of the Year Awards

Bazaar Men Style People of the Year Awards wouldn't be complete without Rain. Our man has been known to have a good fashion style. His airport photos alone are enough proof of that! This event, organized by fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar and sponsored by Mercedes Benz, was held at 789 Art Zone on November 2, 2013.

Photo credits: fans on weibo, professional photographers, various Chinese media, as tagged.

The invitation to the event

Here are some photos of the venue that our Cloud sisters in China took for us. Credits as tagged.

The sponsor photo wall of the event

Preparing the red carpet

Event is sponsored by Mercedes Benz
Night came and we see those photos fill up with brilliant lights and famous celebrities! Our hero stole the scene again. Wearing a formal suit, he graced the red carpet in all his awesomeness! 

That smile is for keeps!

Rain waving at ya! (^_^)

Our man signing the photo wall

Rain's autograph. Wow!
Now let's take a look at the interior. The stage is wide enough and it seems that it was designed to enable audience interaction. 

The full view of the stage

The frontal view of the stage. A car was displayed on it, too.

Our man was at the front seats. Gorgeous!
During the event, Rain was awarded the 2013 Asian Entertainer Award. Just before his appearance on the stage, there was a short montage of photos that showed him at various stages in his career. It was done very beautifully and it showed his growth from a young man to the hunk that he is today. 

Handsome, successful, yet humble are the words that can be used to perfectly describe Rain. Look at our idol getting the trophy on stage and giving a speech which seemed like it was his first time receiving an award. Just simply admirable! 

Rain giving his speech

Awww... Rain looking at his well-deserved award
Rain smiles as he leaves the stage
Here is a short clip of him giving his speech and we are so happy to hear him speak English, too! The Chinese words he said was 现在我很高兴. 我爱你们. 谢谢 China, 谢谢大家, 谢谢MCM. 我爱你们!” ("I’m really happy now. I love you all. Thank you China. Thank you everybody, Thank you MCM. I love you all!")

Video shared by ratoka201223 on YouTube, courtesy of LeTV:

As part of his invitation to the event, Rain also did a short performance and what a stage it was! Rain gave us the best performance of the year! LOL! I don't know.... it is still to early to tell. With his upcoming Zepp Tour this week, who knows what surprises he has in store. But for the moment he gave his best yet! Take note, he swapped the formal suit with some casual clothes for this! The abstract print on his shirt is amazing! 

That... that shirt!
When he finally appeared, he owned the stage with his striking dance moves in ‘Hip Song’ and soulful voice in ‘I Do’. There was flawless dance routine transition and it was in perfect timing with his dancers. Bravo! I really adore putting his sweet voice on repeat and listening to it. 

I'm glad to see him enjoying the stage, smiling, and just charming his audiences away. It's been so long since I saw that kind of performance... to see a happy Rain. So here he is, singing Hip Song and I Do for the night.  Enjoy, listen well, and you will see why the host said after the performance "我爱 Rain" (I love Rain!). 

Video shared by ratoka201223 on YouTube, courtesy of LeTV:

Of course there are awesome stills that captured the spur of the moment excitement brought by Rain on stage! 

Rain shaking hands with the audience

Wow! Rain and his crew in the air!

Our favorite part in Hip Song. Oh Yeah! 

He shines under the spotlight!

Charming and cute! :) 

Only our Star is the brightest among stars!

Yeah men!

Our man serenading the audience

The double Rain view is just so dramatic!

Rain in all his confidence! 

Our happy Rain
Do you now feel like dancing too?
You will faint once you make eye contact with Rain. LOL!
 And my favorite photos of the night showcase Rain's cutest smile and expressive eyes...

Rain enjoying the I Do dance part with his crew

Awww... here we see the cutest smile!

The energy and the spotlight! 
More of that cute smile that let's you forget your troubles

Simply dramatic!

Ah Rain...
Bravo! Rain's appearance at the Bazaar Men Style People of the Year Award Ceremony really just goes to show how wide his appeal is and how popular he is around the world. Here’s to hoping that his next performance will be bigger and better! I’m sure I can speak for everybody when I scream  “我爱 Rain!"

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