Saturday, October 19, 2013

To You -Rain and The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting

"To You" is theme of Rain's fan meeting which happened on October 12, 2013. It was held at Kyunghee University Peace Hall. 

Photos not mine. Credits as tagged. Please see watermarks.

The event poster.  Photo by
Upon entering, you will see how Clouds decorated the place with rice, flower, and LED garlands. Take a look at the wonderful facade of Kyunghee University, beautified by garlands!

The facade of Kyunghee University

A closer look at the entrance with the garlands. Photo by biblueberry on Weibo

Beautiful! Flower/LED and Rice garlands 

Stunning! LED garlands lit up!
Our fellow kind-hearted Clouds gave these rice garlands for this event, which will be donated for charity in Rain's name. I'm so proud to belong in this fandom. (^_^) One thing worth mentioning is how good these garlands looked with Rain's pictures on it.

Rice garlands in different sizes. Photo by 쏭쏭잉 on benamoo

More rice garlands! Photo by luole625 on Weibo
 And...*drum roll*... representing the Philippines is our Cloud sister Odette's rice garland! Way to go sister! It's nice to see our flag in there. (^_^)

At the right side is Odette's rice garland.
Aside from the inspiring view of garlands, the place also had Rain standees which was perfect for photo ops. 

Photo by harudoful

And yes, rain falls on everyone! Photo by harudoful
Official 8th Cloud members in Korea and worldwide flooded Kyunghee University for this very special event! 

Clouds for Rain! Photo by Top Star News

Overseas Clouds line up for the tickets. Photo by luole625 on Weibo

Every Cloud's envy! The ticket to the 8th fan meeting! Photo by biblueberry on Weibo

It is not only the facade of Kyunghee University that is beautiful, the interior is grandiose as well. It also became the most anticipated view with the coming of Rain on stage.

The view to the theater. Photo by harudoful

The stage backdrop with logos of Rain and The Cloud at the sides. Photo by 
사랑해 on DC

The crowd of The Cloud. Photo by Top Star News
And now... our most awaited segment... seeing Rain on stage! The first song he performed is To You, following the theme of his fan meeting. 

Rain singing the heartfelt song, To You. Photo by 대박이야 on DC
Rain sang his hit songs  Rainism, Hip Song, Avoid the Sun, Love Song, Fresh Woman, It's Raining, Instead of Saying Goodbye, and Bad Boy  for the audience. 

Our man rocking the stage! Photo by Top Star News

A breathtaking dance performance! 
Rain sings with all emotions.
Our man also interacted with the audience in an interview where he said about his upcoming career plans. We will be on the look out for it! And of course, we will support it! I love this segment because it is where we saw him smile from the heart.

I bet you all swooned upon seeing his smile! (^_^) Photo by Top Star News
Rain with his cake. Cute! Photo by Top Star News
The event lasted for hours and looking at all the photos shared by The Cloud, everyone had a great time! All attendees got a souvenir gift from Rain: a printout of his hand with a message. 

Photo by Terry Yu on Instagram
To The Cloud from Rain and from The Cloud for Rain. It was time spent in joy and support for each other. Rain, bringing happiness to the world since 1982...

Rain-ing since 1982. A photo of Rain on a rice garland. Photo by harudoful


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  2. Looks like he's very popular and liked. Great pictures.

    1. Hi Francesca! :) Let me introduce to you Rain, the living inspiration. :) I will visit your blog, too. :)