Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rain at MCM Launch and FIDe Fashion Weeks in Singapore

October 11, 2013 - Rain graced Singapore for the launch and grand opening of the MCM Boutique located in the very posh Marina Bay Sands. MCM stands for Mode Creation Munich, and it is a South Korean fashion brand of luxury items. 

Photo credits: various Singaporean media, fans, as tagged.

The night view of Marina Bay Sands
The MCM Boutiques in Marina Bay Sands
The photo wall of the Grand Opening. Photo by His Style Diary on Instagram
Our man was there and take a look at his OOTD! He sports a style with a trench coat and tie. Perfect for a formal event like this.

Our handsome man
Rain gathered crowds wherever he went. Even in the posh Marina Bay Sands, people flooded the area just to see him. 

Lucky girl gets a handshake from Rain. 

The crowd. Photo by Overjoyed on Instagram

Photo by msn

Clouds brought gifts to Rain.
Rain participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony with MCM executives. Of course, they posed for some photo ops for the media, too. 

Rain and MCM executives cuts the ribbon. Photo by @mcmsingapore on Instagram

Cute Rain! Photo by The Straits Times

Rain and MCM executives at the photo wall. Photo by The Straits Times
After the Grand Opening, Rain went on the to the FIDe Fashion Weeks MCM Spring/Summer Fashion Show and Gala Dinner. Such a vibrant and flashy event! Ah~ The world of the rich and famous! Take a look at the luxurious crystal chandeliers and classy tables and chairs. Everybody was in a formal outfit, too. 

Even the invitation was all in gold! Photo by @beautifulbuns_sg on Instagram

Grandiose and luxurious! The gala dinner of the MCM Fashion Show. Photo by +FIDé Fashion Weeks  on Instagram

Our man's dinner table. Photo by Her World Plus on Instagram
...And here are some photos of Rain having dinner...

Rain. Photo by Her World Plus on Instagram

Photo by TODAY_T @tdy_T
After dinner, the Fashion Show started showcasing the latest of MCM's 2014 Spring/Summer collection. It was more on floral prints and sports-inspired outfits. Rain was in the front seats, of course! 

Rain occupying the front seat. Photo by +MCMWorldwide on Instagram

Rain watching the fashion show. Photo collage by @goh_gary on Instagram
And oh! An MCM Backpack signed by Rain was auctioned for charity, too! Wow! 

The MCM bag with Rain's autograph. Photo by +MCMWorldwide on Instagram
Lastly, here is a video by FIDe Fashion Weeks on YouTube, completely summarizing the event in less than two minutes. Watch out for Rain! 

MCM, being a global brand, found the perfect endorser in Rain, who also holds an international name and influence. These two names complement each other in every possible way. 

For more pictures, check out our Facebook album Rain at MCM Grand Opening and MCM S/S  2014 Fashion Show for our photo compilation from various sources.


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