Monday, October 28, 2013

Rain at The First 千游子 Yunnan's Most Influential Awards

Our man, Rain, was guest at the First 'Qian You Zi' Yunnan's Most Influential Awards, held in Kunming, China on October 18, 2013. According to,  this is an award ceremony for individuals who have contributed to the growth of Yunnan as a cultural and artistic center of commercial influence. It is to give recognition to the most influential people, may he/she be in the corporate, entertainment, or social elite. 

Photo credits: Various Chinese and Korean Media, Fans on, as tagged

The event poster
Held at 雲南昆明海埂會堂,  Rain glamorously conquered the red carpet, wearing a formal suit and projecting confidence that makes the audience melt. The most beautiful amongst them all -our Rain.

Rain at the red carpet sponsor wall. Photo by
During the event, we see him shortly posing at the sponsor photo wall and being interviewed by the reporters. Our man is gorgeous. And with those very expressive eyes, we have more or less an idea that he is saying kind words to the people. 

The media interviewing Rain

Rain! :)) 
Rain performed Rainism and his stage presence is overwhelming! Take a look at his awesome stage! 

Rain's stage! 
The audience screamed at the sight of him doing solo dance at the first part. And those voices never stopped. How can one scream for so long? LOL! Get ready to be on your feet! Here is a fan cam from and shared by Cloud Thailand on YouTube:

A myriad of colors dance alongside him and his crew. Feel the energy emanating from these photos, everyone!  

Red lights follow Rain's dancing groove! 

Blinding blue lights keep up with Rain's energy!

Our man of sweet eyes!

And he gives his a 90-degree bow after that intense performance! 

Rain giving a bow! Bravo to an incredible performance! 
And my favorite photo of the event? 

*Applause*Applause*Applause* Our man graced the event yet again with a resplendent outfit and impressive stage performance! Rain, 在"千游子云南最具影响力颁奖典礼",演出一个卓越表演. 他抓住广众情趣, 不管任何国家或宗教.

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