Friday, September 13, 2013

Rain's Treasured Smile

That smile... whatever way inspires us. It brings a smile to our faces and brightens up a gloomy day! Featuring harudoful's latest artworks! The concept is something we all like... Rain's Treasured Smile. (^_^)


harudoful also made a collage from Rain's photos of the recent Mentholatum for Men press conference. It shows how Rain looks even better now. He ages gracefully.

And my favorite from this collection is... 

...Rain's candid smile is the best! Using pink background and sepia colors, harudoful did well in putting focus on it! (^_^) 

But hmmm....  

....I like that^ one too! (^_^) The hoodie highlights Rain's face. And you just got to love the pastel colored striped background! Well done, dear harudoful! :) 

What is your favorite? Visit the Rainthetreasure Facebook page and do check it out for more beautiful artworks inspired by Rain. 

1 comment:

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