Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rain for MENtholatum CF BTS

After a successful Mentholatum Press Con last week, new photos and behind the scenes footage of Rain has just been released earlier today. It's good news for us, Clouds! Yay! New pictures of Rain! 

You will see Rain in a fresh and cool look. The white or black background and the water or air special effects gives it a surreal aqueous scenery. It's as if you were in inside water. Wow! You will feel refreshed when you see it too! 

Video credit: as shared by HCYANG0115

Direct link to Elle HK here:

And photos? (^_^)v (Credits: various media, as tagged)

Here we see our hardworking man in the set:

My favorite photo of the day is....

Rain... looking so young and free! If that photo won't make you move from your seats and head off to the nearest store to buy MENtholatum products, I don't know what else will! 

We're so excited to see Rain's latest CF! These BTS photos and videos provide us with a glimpse of the real thing! So far, it has been a beautiful sight! Rain best represents MENtholatum and the philosophy that their products offer!

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