Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rain at Mentholatum for Men Press Conference (3 Sept 2013)

Mentholatum launched a new skin care product for men last September 3. Their brand ambassador, Rain, was there as guest for the promotion. Sporting a formal black and white outfit, our man is stylish, as usual. 

Photos credits: Various Chinese media, Mentholatum sub site, Mentholatum Weibo Site, as tagged. 

Where there is Rain, there are Clouds. Fans from China were there to support him: 

The Mentholatum for Men logo Oc Hy Po stand for Oil Control, Hydration, and Power to address acne, dryness, and skin ageing, respectively.  The new skin care product recently launched is the Deep Moist Face Cream which is under the Hydration category. Here is the poster with gorgeous Rain! 

As seen on the poster above, the Deep Moist Face Cream has three special ingredients that help moisten and strengthen the skin. These herbs originated from the Tibetan Highlands, Antarctica, and Sahara Desert. Here we see Rain and the Mentholatum staff looking at the place where the grasses came from:

Rain posed for photos with the new product and answered a few questions about it. Sorry guys, my Chinese is limited. But oh well, just enjoy the Rain-y view:

Here is a video, courtesy of and shared by scorpiolabi1:

A preview and the making of the TVC was shown during the press conference too. What a beautiful sight to behold, I must say! 

A preview of the new Mentholatum TVC with Rain

This new product looks promising! Mentholatum got the perfect endorser for the Deep Moist Face Cream! Look at Rain's flawless skin! That is cared for by Mentholatum! 


  1. Rain's translator is so lucky!! Do you know what dialect of Chinese the video is in? Thanks ^.^

    1. Hi So Ra! :) :) :) The video is in standard Chinese, I think... :)