Sunday, September 1, 2013

OUTSTANDING: Rain's Performance at Sonic Bang Festival

After 21 months of waiting, our man is back on stage! He gave us a powerful performance unlike any other! 

Rain owned the Boom stage in Sonic Bang Festival held in Impact Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand. At the sight of the words "Rain", the audience screamed out, "Jung JiHoon!". He conquered the stage with his name alone!

Photo by @i_YoO

Those photos fall short in description. So here is a video by 0625Rain4ever for you to feel Rain's overwhelming presence! The cinematic intro is so cool! He said in a very cool and bold manner: This is... Rain! Then sang the most appropriate song of the day: It's Raining! 

Bet you lost your voice when he said, "Scream!". Ah~ It's been so long since we've seen him dance the way only Rain does! His energy emanates through the video! 

Rain is a master of his stage. Even the outfit makes him stand out. White reflects all the lights on stage. It makes him sparkle beautifully! Wow!What a beautiful dramatic effect! The concept is simple but it is genius!

Rain sparkles in white!
Rain continued on with Touch Ya. He really knows how to keep his audiences' attention! The song makes you dance to the beat and sing with him! And oh! He gave us his million dollar smile for half a second! 

Rain and his cute smile! Photo by tui temjai
Video by 0625Rain4ever:

Then he lets the momentum slow down with his third song, "I Do". The song lets you focus on his sweet and romantic voice. He moves slowly on the stage with the spotlight following him. And you can't help but admire his stunning beauty! 

Did you scream when you said "I love you" in the middle of the song? I know right!

It was followed by another slow song, "How to Avoid the Sun." The stage background showed a cinematic of a bright sun. With Rain sporting sunglasses, he effectively sent out a message of avoiding a hot sun! Well, we are for Rain.. avoiding the sun is not a problem! 

Then he puts the beat back by singing and dancing to his song You! Gotta love how the lights move along to the song's tempo! Rain tops it off with his sexy signature moves! I like the fact how he performed alone on the first half of the song! Rain's aura just makes you want to go clubbin'.

Next in line is Fresh Woman. What I love about this song is the nice and relaxing beat. Rain moved so well with nothing but smiles on his face!

The song where most Clouds wished they were Rain's mic! LOL! Last Handshake makes us swoon over his broad shoulders and strong arms! Ah~ And with his manly voice filling the air, it is enough to make us faint! 

Rain always sang Hip Song in his consolatory trains. I told myself that I am tired of hearing Hip Song. But when I saw Rain perform it in Sonic Bang, I can't help but find it as my favorite for this stage! He danced energetically, something that I only saw once in his consolatory train performance! And seeing him dancing to the whole song.. it is just wow! 

Photo by @MsRaInShaJung

I appreciate the fact that he sang a capella before starting on Hip Song! His voice is so powerful and it set the stage on fire! I have two favorite fan cams for that! Credits to Nuanjan Anyuyean and 0625Rain4ever.

Next in line is Love Song! Hearing this song makes me nostalgic as it is the first song I ever heard from Rain. Seeing him perform it live puts tears in my eyes. 

The soft and heartbreaking music of Love Story silenced the audience. Listen to this sweet song performed by Rain live on stage...

I know My Girl made a lot of Clouds go crazy over such a beautiful sight! LOL! Romantic voice, sexy moves, and Rain! Scream louder! 

Bad Guy made me realize how Rain just gets better year after year! This was his debut song from 11 years ago but he performs it like no other! His solo dance near the end of the song took our breaths away! Awesome! 

The last song for the night was Instead of Saying Goodbye. Rain still has the energy to dance like it was his first song! He is so amazing! And I didn't even hear him gasp all throughout 13 songs! What a strong body our man has! His voice is so crisp from the first down to the last song! 

After giving his Thai audiences a great top notch performance, Rain gives a bow to end his show. And then later on goes out near the audiences and touches hands with them! :) 

Rain and crew giving a bow to the audience.

Were you lucky enough to touch his hand? 
So... still breathing, fellas? LOL! It's been a week and the energy sitll hasn't dissipated! So amazing Rain! I find that words fall short in describing him. Incredible, stunning, energetic, overwhelming, powerful... can be summed up in a single four letter word: RAIN!

Disclaimer: Videos and photos not mine. Videos are credited as tagged. Thanks especially to Rain4ever for the awesome HD videos. Photos taken from the internet. Please see watermarks for credits.

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