Sunday, September 22, 2013

Looking Back: To the Cloud from Rain

Back in 2007, Rain wrote a letter to The Cloud. Reading it six years later, the words and the emotions are still very much applicable. It is a heartwarming message to us Clouds, from Rain. 

Video source: eye0rain

To Cloud Members:
Cloud...To me, the word brings me warmth and happiness to my heart.Cloud is a family that loves and cares for me, and for that... I am a happy person. There were times when it was so hard and difficult. Too much pressure and I found myself trying to run away from where I was. But Cloud was always there. I turn a little bit, and Cloud would be there cheering me on to continue my passage. So I gathered my strength and got up to where I am now. Someone said, "Fame is like bubbles".However, I know that the truth is a common denominator for all people. And Cloud understands what I feel and what I want to say. I will probably fall again.However, when you reach out and offer a helping hand, I will gladly rise up for you. The reason why I rise up is I want to look into everyone's eyes and say I am a proud member of the Cloud. I apologize for not being there for the Cloud. And I am sorry that I did not treat you better. To the Cloud...I say this again even though I know that saying it everyday won't be enough: I am so proud of the Cloud. And thank you. And also, I love you.

It may be written in 2007, and I wasn't a Cloud back then. But still, I can't help but feel appreciated to be his fan. I'm so happy to have found this video to share to new Clouds, who like me, have so much to explore in Rain's World. 

I would like to say to him: "Thank you, Rain. Hoping to hear from you soon." (^_^) 

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