Sunday, September 22, 2013

Looking Back: To the Cloud from Rain

Back in 2007, Rain wrote a letter to The Cloud. Reading it six years later, the words and the emotions are still very much applicable. It is a heartwarming message to us Clouds, from Rain. 

Video source: eye0rain

To Cloud Members:
Cloud...To me, the word brings me warmth and happiness to my heart.Cloud is a family that loves and cares for me, and for that... I am a happy person. There were times when it was so hard and difficult. Too much pressure and I found myself trying to run away from where I was. But Cloud was always there. I turn a little bit, and Cloud would be there cheering me on to continue my passage. So I gathered my strength and got up to where I am now. Someone said, "Fame is like bubbles".However, I know that the truth is a common denominator for all people. And Cloud understands what I feel and what I want to say. I will probably fall again.However, when you reach out and offer a helping hand, I will gladly rise up for you. The reason why I rise up is I want to look into everyone's eyes and say I am a proud member of the Cloud. I apologize for not being there for the Cloud. And I am sorry that I did not treat you better. To the Cloud...I say this again even though I know that saying it everyday won't be enough: I am so proud of the Cloud. And thank you. And also, I love you.

It may be written in 2007, and I wasn't a Cloud back then. But still, I can't help but feel appreciated to be his fan. I'm so happy to have found this video to share to new Clouds, who like me, have so much to explore in Rain's World. 

I would like to say to him: "Thank you, Rain. Hoping to hear from you soon." (^_^) 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rain's Treasured Smile

That smile... whatever way inspires us. It brings a smile to our faces and brightens up a gloomy day! Featuring harudoful's latest artworks! The concept is something we all like... Rain's Treasured Smile. (^_^)


harudoful also made a collage from Rain's photos of the recent Mentholatum for Men press conference. It shows how Rain looks even better now. He ages gracefully.

And my favorite from this collection is... 

...Rain's candid smile is the best! Using pink background and sepia colors, harudoful did well in putting focus on it! (^_^) 

But hmmm....  

....I like that^ one too! (^_^) The hoodie highlights Rain's face. And you just got to love the pastel colored striped background! Well done, dear harudoful! :) 

What is your favorite? Visit the Rainthetreasure Facebook page and do check it out for more beautiful artworks inspired by Rain. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rain for MENtholatum CF BTS

After a successful Mentholatum Press Con last week, new photos and behind the scenes footage of Rain has just been released earlier today. It's good news for us, Clouds! Yay! New pictures of Rain! 

You will see Rain in a fresh and cool look. The white or black background and the water or air special effects gives it a surreal aqueous scenery. It's as if you were in inside water. Wow! You will feel refreshed when you see it too! 

Video credit: as shared by HCYANG0115

Direct link to Elle HK here:

And photos? (^_^)v (Credits: various media, as tagged)

Here we see our hardworking man in the set:

My favorite photo of the day is....

Rain... looking so young and free! If that photo won't make you move from your seats and head off to the nearest store to buy MENtholatum products, I don't know what else will! 

We're so excited to see Rain's latest CF! These BTS photos and videos provide us with a glimpse of the real thing! So far, it has been a beautiful sight! Rain best represents MENtholatum and the philosophy that their products offer!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rain at Mentholatum for Men Press Conference (3 Sept 2013)

Mentholatum launched a new skin care product for men last September 3. Their brand ambassador, Rain, was there as guest for the promotion. Sporting a formal black and white outfit, our man is stylish, as usual. 

Photos credits: Various Chinese media, Mentholatum sub site, Mentholatum Weibo Site, as tagged. 

Where there is Rain, there are Clouds. Fans from China were there to support him: 

The Mentholatum for Men logo Oc Hy Po stand for Oil Control, Hydration, and Power to address acne, dryness, and skin ageing, respectively.  The new skin care product recently launched is the Deep Moist Face Cream which is under the Hydration category. Here is the poster with gorgeous Rain! 

As seen on the poster above, the Deep Moist Face Cream has three special ingredients that help moisten and strengthen the skin. These herbs originated from the Tibetan Highlands, Antarctica, and Sahara Desert. Here we see Rain and the Mentholatum staff looking at the place where the grasses came from:

Rain posed for photos with the new product and answered a few questions about it. Sorry guys, my Chinese is limited. But oh well, just enjoy the Rain-y view:

Here is a video, courtesy of and shared by scorpiolabi1:

A preview and the making of the TVC was shown during the press conference too. What a beautiful sight to behold, I must say! 

A preview of the new Mentholatum TVC with Rain

This new product looks promising! Mentholatum got the perfect endorser for the Deep Moist Face Cream! Look at Rain's flawless skin! That is cared for by Mentholatum!