Monday, August 12, 2013

The MNET Legend 100 for Performance

Rain is part of the MNET Legend 100 for Performance. He is one of the Top 20! He deserves to be there, dear Clouds! All arguments invalid! 

Here is the video courtesy of MNET. Hold your breath, a cute cartoon picture of Rain only appears for a few seconds... 

Video source: MNET at YouTube

On the About section of the video, there is a short description in Korean. Here is Google Translate to help us out:

Legend Performance What's this?
Artists to convey the authenticity of voice, singing.
Grip on stage to overwhelm the audience.
Non-dimensional rendering of the voice of choreography, music, to maximize the representation of all the devices.

[Mnet Legend 100 - Performance TOP20]
Gimwanseon / Nami / Na Hoon / Nam Jin / Deuce / wild chrysanthemum / baknamjeong / JYP / boa / rain /
Seo Taiji children / fire truck / sy / Lee Seung Hwan / yihyori / joyongpil / paetigim / hyeonjinyoung /

Mnet Legend 100 - Artist sixth, Performance

Move your mind Who is the Legend?


Rain fulfills all requirements! His voice is great! His dance moves are top notch! He employs a lot of props and special effects to present a stage performance that takes your breath away! 

So who is your Legend? 

Image capture by Terry Yu

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