Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rain... The Artist Who Best Represent Korea

Showbiz Korea's Star Ranking poll last week was about The Best Representative of Korea. Fans of various artists voted through Facebook comments. Did you vote, dear Cloud? 

Star Ranking: Who is the best representative of Korea? Photo courtesy of Showbiz Korea
Well, the results are in and we're happy that our Rain is at No. 1! Yay! Watch the video clip below courtesy of Arirang:

Rain proves once again how his influence span across Korean entertainment. He can pull off an amazing performance as a singer/dancer on stage and as a great actor on film/drama.  He is an excellent artist!

And let me share with you this... 

Even before I became a Cloud, at the mention of "Korea", Rain comes into my mind. Whenever my friends and I talk about the country, we never fail to mention Rain. To me, he is synonymous with Korea. 

This is a well-deserved title for our Jung JiHoon! It can be none other than Rain... The Best Representative of Korea! 

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