Monday, August 19, 2013

Rain and Rain... Whenever It Rains

It is rainy season once more and who is the person you remember in every drop of rainfall?

Ah yes~ It's as if our dear Rain is smiling to us from the sky! 

Before I became a fan of Rain, I get gloomy whenever it starts to drizzle. I hated the rain! It always ruins my plans and gives me troubles. But now, because of Rain, I trek through the storm with a smile on my face. He turned something negative into positive! 

The dark clouds covering the sky, sound of raindrops, and the feel of the cool wind on my face... all of these make me remember Rain! 

Rain with rain became inspiration to me once more! The result came in the form of a video. The song I chose is "Tuwing Umuulan" by Regine Velaquez. The title translates to English as "Whenever It Rains". The song is in my language. But don't worry, I put in English translation so that the world will be able to understand. I tried my best to interpret and make it poetic too.

Listen to this sweet song of someone who only has a chance to be with a loved one whenever it rains, and begging him to stay. This song is the most appropriate one I could find to describe what I feel about Rain. 

Is this also what you feel whenever it rains? 

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