Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Beautiful Lotus Flower

A lotus flower. Photo source.

My Beautiful Lotus Flower 

You are a Lotus Flower Ji Hoon.
You sprout despite a dirty, murky world.
You fought relentlessly, through
 your muddy adversities of life.

Breaking the surface, you rise above.
Flawlessly you blossom, one petal at a time.
To the top, To the top is where you belong;
my beautiful Lotus Flower Bomb.

Thanks, Lee24 (@lee24_ans) for this beautiful poem which perfectly describes Jung JiHoon's persevering attitude.

Over the course of his life, Rain as constantly proven his persistent determination to win against the challenges of life. It is one of the reasons why we admire him. He is tenacious, tough, and strong. When he has a goal, he goes for it. When something stands on his way, he fights it with the best strategy. 

He is Rain, the man who sets a good example for us. 

He is Jung JiHoon,  the right man we choose to follow. 


  1. Those words are beautiful. A man to be respected that is who Jung Ji-Hoon is to me. I like his work ethic and his ability to fight thru life experiences. But most of all he has the talent that just comes very rarely. Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem.

    1. Thanks also for appreciating the poem, dear Cloud. :) And thank you for dropping by our humble blog. :)