Friday, August 23, 2013

Get Ready, Thailand!

Sonic Bang just posted new photos of Rain in rehearsal for the show tomorrow! Wow! Do you feel the energy, dear Clouds? That focus... that determined look... our man is back in business! 

All photos courtesy of Sonic Bang

Rain's focus is astounding!
And here... Rain gives us a preview of his stage for Sonic Bang Festival! The lights excite you. The stage amazes you. The man overwhelms you! Take note: this is a rehearsal but he already gives us his performance level! 

He leaves you (and me) speechless.

Wonderful stage! 

I can feel the energy right here!

Beautiful photo of Rain! The lights behind him make him an angel!

Those biceps are sure to kill! Arrrgghhh~!
What a wonderful sight! Sexy stage is back tomorrow! Now, he just fired up the anticipation for everyone! We can't wait for his performance! To Clouds who will be there, please please please take a lot of photos and videos for the world to see! 

Rain giving it his all!

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