Friday, August 23, 2013

Thailand Welcomes Rain (22Aug2013)

Our handsome man was greeted with smiles as he arrived in Suvannabhumi Airport (Thailand) last night. Rain still looking good after about five hours of travel time! Still looking gorgeous as he was at Incheon Airport

Photos courtesy of various media and Clouds present in Thailand. Please see watermarks for credits.

Rain arrives in Thailand. Photo by @michelleyai

There's our man!
Clouds in Thailand gave him overwhelming support by welcoming him at the airport, too! They gathered around and followed him with love. <3 

Rain's Cloud Thailand waiting for Rain at the airport.

Look at the crowd!

Here is Rain making a stop for photos! He is such an eye candy! 

Rain is in Thailand for the Sonic Bang Festival to be held on August 24, 2013 in Impact Muang Thong Thani Stadium. It will surely RAIN in Bangkok tomorrow! 

Get Ready, Thailand!

Sonic Bang just posted new photos of Rain in rehearsal for the show tomorrow! Wow! Do you feel the energy, dear Clouds? That focus... that determined look... our man is back in business! 

All photos courtesy of Sonic Bang

Rain's focus is astounding!
And here... Rain gives us a preview of his stage for Sonic Bang Festival! The lights excite you. The stage amazes you. The man overwhelms you! Take note: this is a rehearsal but he already gives us his performance level! 

He leaves you (and me) speechless.

Wonderful stage! 

I can feel the energy right here!

Beautiful photo of Rain! The lights behind him make him an angel!

Those biceps are sure to kill! Arrrgghhh~!
What a wonderful sight! Sexy stage is back tomorrow! Now, he just fired up the anticipation for everyone! We can't wait for his performance! To Clouds who will be there, please please please take a lot of photos and videos for the world to see! 

Rain giving it his all!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photos of Rain as He Heads off to Bangkok (22Aug2013)

"He looks like Adonis!", said my Cloud friend Rainan as she saw the latest photos of Rain circulating in Facebook and Twitter. 

I couldn't agree more! Broad shoulders, toned physique, flawless glowing face... ah~ It's as if Adonis took in a human form... Ah~ (^_^)

Photos courtesy of various Korean Media. Please see watermarks for credits.

Rain's stance is Adonis-like! 

Flawless skin! :) 

So beautiful! 
OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) anyone? Oh this man surely knows how to play up style! And we surely love it! Fitting shirt that highlights his broad shoulders, and it just flows over his body! His MJ shoes, his cool sunglasses, and his manly man stance just drives Clouds crazy! Move over, Adonis! 

Rain is very fashionable. Photo by
Oh my gosh! He just takes my breath away! He is so beautiful and fashionable and breath-taking! Here are some of the best shots that highlights his beauty. Photos courtesy of various Korean media and our dear Clouds who were present for him. 

*Total fangirl mode* Oh well, this post is supposed to tell you that he was at Incheon International Airport earlier at around 3PM for his flight to Bangkok. He will be gracing the Sonic Bang Festival on August 24, 2013. I apologize for not telling you earlier! LOL! At the sight of him, I lost my breath, my heart jumped, and my mind just went blank! Ah~ Rain! Beautiful Rain!  He just stole Adonis' throne! Arrrgghhhh~~~