Friday, July 5, 2013

Rain for the Second Army Corps (21 June 2013 Consolatory Train)

With the days of Rain's discharge nearing, will we miss these consolatory train performances? As for me, I became a fan of Rain while he was in the army, and these conso trains mean a lot to me. It was the only way for me to see his latest performances on stage.

But let us recall another conso train (no, it's not the last), which happened on June 21. Rain's performance was for the Second Army Corps. He sang Hip Song and Instead of Saying Goodbye. We're so thankful that this one was open to the public. Our dear fellow Clouds got photos and videos for us. I gotta commend them, they post photos so fast, my Facebook Twitter timeline couldn't keep up! 

Please see watermarks for credits. :) Thanks to 쏭쏭잉 and Mujige

These photos by  쏭쏭잉 gives us a glimpse of Rain:

More from @mujige (Oh! I love the cat watermark!) 

A few days later, official photos from DEMA ( were released. Get ready to be carried away by Rain! He is so good, his aura shines through the photos!

We like this photo, all right! That smile! :)

Just simply handsome! 

Rain and his dancers comprise a powerful stage! 

What I like about Rain's performances, is he takes a moment to go near his audience:

Two thumbs up, y'all! 

Dramatic photos in Black and White were also released by DEMA. I gotta say, I like these better! <3

Have you felt the energy emanating from the photos? Let's top it off with videos, o'ayt? Video below is from vividly12blue, shows Rain performing Instead of Saying Goodbye:

Then Rain gave a bow after his performance:

Phew! That was a lot of energy to take in! But I still have something to share, and I have saved the best for last...My favorite photos from this set are:

When light shines on his face...

and when the background highlights his beauty...
After July 10, no more conso trains for our man. So to answer the question earlier about us missing these conso trains? The obvious answer? No, because there is something we are more excited to see: his comeback stage

All photos and videos not mine. Credits to DEMA, vividly12blue, @mujige, and 쏭쏭잉. Please see watermarks.

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