Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fill the World with Yellow Ribbons

Clouds all over the world are still in celebration of Rain's discharge from the army. Even me, I'm still having hangovers from that day! And Clouds are making welcome photos and videos for him! We love Rain so much, creativity just flows! 

Here is one video we Clouds here in the Philippines also participated in. This is a project by World Changing Clouds. Themed as "Fill the World with Yellow Ribbons", fans of Rain sent in photos of places or of themselves with yellow ribbons to welcome Rain! 

Here is the video, courtesy of Rain Lirio

What did you feel while watching the video? Me, I felt happy and I smiled as I saw how Clouds all over the world show their love for Rain. This video is a good compilation of the anticipation and excitement on Rain's return. Good job, dear Lili! 

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