Monday, July 29, 2013

4eva Your Clouds

4eva Your Clouds  

Whenever you get lonely
look up at the sky;
When you see "Clouds",
Think of us; for
 We will be thinking of you.

But, don't get discouraged
when you can't see "Clouds";
Because even with "clear skies"
We are always there.

We are 4eva Your Clouds!

Such a lovely poem by Cloud @lee24_ans for our dear Rain. That's right! Through the tough times, Clouds are here for Rain. In good times and in bad, never abandoning him! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It will RAIN at Sonic Bang Festival

August 24, 2013 -mark your calendars as World Star Rain will grace Sonic Bang Festival which will be held at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand. 

The official poster of Sonic Bang 2013. 
...and Rain's poster for Sonic Bang
Rain will be making his first appearance on stage after his military service. Word on the street has it that he will perform three to five songs. But if it's Rain, then those few minutes will be a feast for your eyes! Take a look at Sonic Bang's promotional video for Rain:

To top it off, here is World Star Rain himself inviting you to see him! 

Are you excited on his return to the limelight? It will be RAIN-ing in Bangkok, for sure! 
For details, visit the Sonic Bang FB page, and

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rain and Clouds Reunited At Last!

Videos left and right have been appearing to welcome Rain! Cloud USA's World Clouds welcome video and World Changing Clouds' Fill the World with Yellow Ribbons project bring in more inspiration! So, after ten days, Rain Cloud Pilipinas finally have a formal way of greeting Jung JiHoon! 

The song is Sweet Reunion by Kenny Loggins. It is the most apt background music because truth be told... we Clouds are reunited with Rain!

Some photos and videos are courtesy of Korean media. Please see watermarks for credits. 

Finally, Rain and Cloud together at last! #WelcomeBackRAIN

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fill the World with Yellow Ribbons

Clouds all over the world are still in celebration of Rain's discharge from the army. Even me, I'm still having hangovers from that day! And Clouds are making welcome photos and videos for him! We love Rain so much, creativity just flows! 

Here is one video we Clouds here in the Philippines also participated in. This is a project by World Changing Clouds. Themed as "Fill the World with Yellow Ribbons", fans of Rain sent in photos of places or of themselves with yellow ribbons to welcome Rain! 

Here is the video, courtesy of Rain Lirio

What did you feel while watching the video? Me, I felt happy and I smiled as I saw how Clouds all over the world show their love for Rain. This video is a good compilation of the anticipation and excitement on Rain's return. Good job, dear Lili! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finally, July 10, 2013 is Here!

#WaitingforRain has been replaced by #WelcomeBackRain! This has been the date Clouds look forward to with much anticipation! This is the day where Clouds share a unique kind of happiness where ever in the world they may be! 

Photos courtesy of Korean media. Please see watermarks.

Rain walking out of the gate. Photo by

Briefly addressing the media with a short message

A close up photo of Rain. Photo by Dispatch.

Rain giving a soldier's salute.
Look at the crowd waiting for him! He is well-loved by his Clouds!

The crowd. Photo by newsnocut
Our Cloud sisters from Cloud USA made this very sweet welcome video for Rain. World Clouds participated and this sums up our feelings for him. 

We are so proud of you, Jung JiHoon! Welcome back! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In Less Than Twelve Hours, It's #WelcomeBackRain!

Clouds, the long wait is almost over! In just a few hours, Rain will be discharged from the army and will go home to his family, friends, and to us! Clouds, Make some noise! 

Our man has served his country well and we are so proud of him! 

Good job, Sgt. Jung JiHoon! 

Photo credit: DEMA (
And look! Clouds wait for you outside the gate! Now, give us your widest smile once you go out of that door! 

Clouds at the gate! Photo courtesy of @MicheleDeMarco
We are so excited to see you on stage again! But for now, Rain and Clouds rejoice! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Rain for the Second Army Corps (21 June 2013 Consolatory Train)

With the days of Rain's discharge nearing, will we miss these consolatory train performances? As for me, I became a fan of Rain while he was in the army, and these conso trains mean a lot to me. It was the only way for me to see his latest performances on stage.

But let us recall another conso train (no, it's not the last), which happened on June 21. Rain's performance was for the Second Army Corps. He sang Hip Song and Instead of Saying Goodbye. We're so thankful that this one was open to the public. Our dear fellow Clouds got photos and videos for us. I gotta commend them, they post photos so fast, my Facebook Twitter timeline couldn't keep up! 

Please see watermarks for credits. :) Thanks to 쏭쏭잉 and Mujige

These photos by  쏭쏭잉 gives us a glimpse of Rain:

More from @mujige (Oh! I love the cat watermark!) 

A few days later, official photos from DEMA ( were released. Get ready to be carried away by Rain! He is so good, his aura shines through the photos!

We like this photo, all right! That smile! :)

Just simply handsome! 

Rain and his dancers comprise a powerful stage! 

What I like about Rain's performances, is he takes a moment to go near his audience:

Two thumbs up, y'all! 

Dramatic photos in Black and White were also released by DEMA. I gotta say, I like these better! <3

Have you felt the energy emanating from the photos? Let's top it off with videos, o'ayt? Video below is from vividly12blue, shows Rain performing Instead of Saying Goodbye:

Then Rain gave a bow after his performance:

Phew! That was a lot of energy to take in! But I still have something to share, and I have saved the best for last...My favorite photos from this set are:

When light shines on his face...

and when the background highlights his beauty...
After July 10, no more conso trains for our man. So to answer the question earlier about us missing these conso trains? The obvious answer? No, because there is something we are more excited to see: his comeback stage

All photos and videos not mine. Credits to DEMA, vividly12blue, @mujige, and 쏭쏭잉. Please see watermarks.