Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Smile That Makes Us Happy

It's the smile that I will never grow tired writing about. Always and always... whenever I feel sad and drowning at all the suffering brought forth by this difficult life, his smile makes me smile. It gives me hope to face my troubles head on. 

Rain is so sincere that his whole face lights up and his eyes give out a smile, too.

It's a smile that radiates a positive aura. 

It's a smile that touches our hearts.

It's a smile that reminds you of sweet childhood... of good morning sunshine... of freedom... of peace of mind... of love.

He inspires. He is responsible for our smile. He makes us happy. 

What a wonderful gift of your smile you have given us, Mr. Jung JiHoon! Your Clouds love you so much, so continue smiling!

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