Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rain's Clouds for His 32nd Birthday

Rain's birthday is almost here! Clouds, what are you preparing for him on that day? Here, I have something to show you. Our dear Cloud USA sisters made a very sweet video to greet our man for his 32nd birthday. 

It is so touching to see how our love for Jung JiHoon has been expressed in five minutes. The song is perfect for the theme! Here, take a look at the video and read our messages for Rain:

Clouds all over the world love Rain! He has fans in every continent of this planet! I'm so happy for him! Here are the screenshots I took of Clouds here in the Philippines:

Cloud sister Odette and her message to Rain.

Cloud Ruby and her message of love.

Dear Cloud Rainan Go and her sweet message to Rain.

Cloud LJ and her birthday wish to Rain.
My simple message for Rain on his birthday. 
We hope Rain will be able to see this sweet and touching video! We all love you, dear Rain! Happy Birthday! 


  1. Mabuhay Pilipinas !! yehey I know we are recognize by RAIN somehow someday not just some fake fans outthere!! nothing serious !! LOL love all my CLOUD family, they been my friends for past months, thanks to all

  2. Hi Sis Ruby! Glad you're back! Thank you for dropping by this blog! Can't wait to read your next post! :)