Sunday, June 30, 2013

He Smiles, I Smile

Here in my world, life gets tough and things start to get crazy. I'm sorry if I haven't been posting the recent happenings and activities about the past week. Life has gotten complicated and I need to survive. 

What keeps me moving? It is the inspiration set forth by Rain. Endless Effort. Endless Patience. Endless Humility, right, Clouds? Whenever I go home and see his smile on my Facebook and Twitter timeline, it erases all the stress I had for the day! Whenever he smiles, I smile, too. He makes me smile even if I'm tired. 

That encouraging smile! Artwork by Rainthetreasure
So for this week, Clouds, you might wonder that all of my posts are all late! I will do my best to catch up on the events that we had for Rain's birthday, and those consolatory trains that I planned to blog about! But alas! Time is but fleeting so fast, I can't keep up. But promise I will write more about Rain! There are a lot of things to write about him! And this blog is precisely about that.... about Rain.

So dear Clouds, what keep you moving in this crazy life? And who makes you smile when you are tired?

His smile! Artwork by harudoful

Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Matter What Happens....

After all the negative things involving him... He may falter and make mistakes, the media may make it worse. But we understand and we will stay. True love is accepting the negative and positive sides of a person. 

Yes, Rain. We will be by your side. Artwork by harudoful

...and what we feel is true love. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy 32nd Birthday, Rain!

What does R-A-I-N mean to you? Specially today, his special birthday. We, here at Rain Cloud Pilipinas, made simple greetings in a form of a video. These messages come from our hearts, for the love of our life, Jung JiHoon! 

Let me end this post with a short letter to Rain: 

Dear Sgt. Jung JiHoon, 

Happy Birthday! We prepared something for you! :)

The name of this cupcake is Vanilla Sunshine. Your name may be Rain but you bring sunshine in our lives. You make us happy by just being you. Let us say this again: Your existence is a gift to the world! We love you! 

Cheers to your 32nd Birthday! 


Rain Cloud Pilipinas

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rain's Stunning Performance at the 50th Army Division (18 Jun 2013 Consolatory Train)

"Encore! Encore! Encore!", you would hear the deep voices of the soldiers shout after Rain finished his performance last June 18 Consolatory Train. Who wouldn't be? The stage was full of energy! Top it off with Rain's beautiful smile and he has got everyone's attention! 

He sang Hip Song and Instead of Saying Goodbye. So far, this is my favorite Hip Song performance of all Rain's Conso Trains! Gotta love the audience interaction and seeing Rain being more energetic! 

And what a grand entrance! Lighting, fire, and Rain shouting a high "Yeha!"! Woohoo!

Watch the video below uploaded by ratoka201221 on YouTube. Video source:

Our dear Clouds shared these photos for us. I so love this Conso Train! This one had a lot of photos, both from Clouds and DEMA! 

There's our man! Photo by @mongshari

Photo by @mongshari

Rock on, soldier! Photo by @mongshari

The soldiers having a good time! Photo by @mongshari

Awww.. Rain's cutest smile! :) Photo by @mongshari
Rain speaking to audience after his performance. Photo by @94hjmR
We also have photos from DEMA (

Some photos focusing on Sgt. Jung JiHoon:

Our favorite hip grind! 

The next set of photos is also from DEMA. I love the stage and the lights! Of course, we see Rain and his dancers! The view is just perfect and awesome! More cool photos....

Yeah baby!

Then Rain goes to the audience and some of them got lucky to sing a few lines of Hip Song!

Look at Rain's smile as a soldier sings Hip Song

It's the first time I have seen them upload photos of Rain in black and white. It has a more dramatic effect! 


So handsome! :)

Yeah! Tough man!

Finally, Rain giving a short message and a bow after his performance! 

And this is my favorite photo for this Conso Train! Rain... being in his most epic self! Love the lights, the candid shot, everything! 

Epic Rain! Photo by @mongshari
Is it just me? Or do we have a LOT of photos for this conso train? Haha~ We love it, don't we? I have noticed that Rain has been happier as the day goes by... hmmm.... is it because of his nearing army discharge? It must be!