Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Words of Rain Artworks by Rainthetreasure

Whenever I watch a video of Rain, I always listen (or read subtitles for that matter) to what he says. More often than not, he speaks good words that inspire me and others...may it be about life, career, or love. 

Of course, I can't remember all those beautiful statements Rain spoke. Thankfully, we have Rainthetreasure to preserve those words in breathtaking artworks. See all of them in the Facebook album by clicking here

Here are my favorites: (click the photos to enlarge)

Rain's motto

Words about not giving up.

Rain never complains.

... and so Rain becomes the best!

Words about practice

Words about Rain's dedication to his work.

... as spoken by a true performer! 

Words on sacrifice.

...on Respect

...as a dedicated actor

Rain always works hard.

Rain on hardwork

Rain on his ambition

Oh! I put in all the photos so far! All of them are my favorite. And one last... I specially requested for Rainthetreasure to have my favorite quote on an artwork! I love this! When I watched Rain is Coming, this statement spoken by Rain made a mark in my heart. Short and simple yet profound words...

My favorite quote by Rain.

Like Rain, I will also do my best... whatever the outcome or result may be. He always inspires me and all of his Clouds! 

What is your favorite quote spoken by Rain?

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