Monday, May 6, 2013

Sgt. Jung Off to the US for the Korea/USA Alliance 60th Anniversary Celebration

Look at what I saw upon opening my Facebook news feed! Photos of Rain at Incheon Airport! Rain will stay in the US to participate in the festivities dedicated to the Korea/USA Alliance 60th Anniversary.

Here are the photos, please see watermarks for credits:

The cutest smile! Strike 1!

Handsome! Flawless skin!

My favorite photo!

Lucky girl! 

Pouting lips <3

The cutest smile! Strike 2!
Sgt. Jung will be present at the Arirang World Peace Festival on May 8. According to the news, he will MC the show and will perform at the second part, too. Hmmm... as I go through the chaos in the news and in the blogosphere, this particular event might be private and those with contact to the higher-ups are lucky enough to get a ticket. It is not clear if this event is public. 

Hope our fellow Clouds in the US can get a glimpse of Rain! 

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