Friday, May 31, 2013

Rain's Wonderful Stage Performance at the 2nd Army Logistics Support Command (29 May 2013 Consolatory Train)

And with 'wonderful', I mean the kind that makes you want to sing and dance to the beat of the music! That is what I felt when I saw Rain's Hip Song performance for the 2nd Army Logistics Support Command last May 29. In the past, I only enjoy his stage, but it was only this time when I really danced and moved along with the groove! Oh yeah~! 

I think it's because Rain danced all throughout the song. He moved slightly according to the routine of Hip Song. He didn't project the dance moves as what he does in his concerts, but... but it was still a good performance! I wouldn't be singing and dancing along if it weren't! 

To see what I am talking about, here it is... Rain, everybody! Get ready to sing, dance, and... scream!

(video by 쓰읍 하)

So are you dancing now? Do you still have your voice after all the screaming? LOL! Anyway, here is another fan cam of Rain's performance. I like this one too because we can see Rain up close! 

(video by vividly12blue)

Thank goodness this concert was open to the public! Our dear Korean Clouds were there for us! Aside from their fan cams, here are photos, too:

Please see watermarks for photo credits.

Nice one! Rain looking at the camera! Photo by vividly12blue

Confidence level to the max, Baby! Photo by 쏭쏭잉

Makes me want to sing along! Photo by 쏭쏭잉

It's raining on the audience! Photo by Terry Yu

Yeah baby! Photo by 쏭쏭잉
Man! I miss this! Photo by 쏭쏭잉

Hip Song! Hip Song! Hip Song! Photo by Terry Yu

It's Rain! Photo by Terry Yu
Cute Rain! Photo source: @mongshari
My favorite photo of the day... Rain exuding extreme confidence! Love it!

Confidence as only Rain can! Photo source: @mongshari
Here is the beautifully crafted stage, everyone! It is a stage deserving of World Star Rain! Photo credits: 

Nice lights! Photo source: @mujige

The stadium was full of people! 

You know what? I think 'wonderful' is not enough to describe everything! What with all that excitement, it's as if I was present in Uijeongbu Indoor Stadium, too! 

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