Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rain's Performance at the ABN Family Rock Festival and Consolatory Train (4 May 2013)

I got the information too late that this Consolatory Train was to be aired via live streaming at 7:00 - 9:00 KST on May 4, 2013. Ah well~~ Too bad I missed it! I should have just went home early from work! 

If you're like me who missed the live airing of the show, fret not! Our dear Korean Cloud sisters have fan cams and photos for us! Weeee~~~There are a LOT of them out there. Clouds love Rain so much! 

Let's start with the photos. Our Cloud sisters took photos of the posters, the venue, and the stage prior to the start of the show. Gotta admire the preparations being made for this!

All photos and videos are not mine. Credits to the owner.

Event tarpaulins. Photo by @yoyoluvrain

A tarpaulin of the guests of the show. Look at the first name on the list! Photo by @yoyoluvrain

The 'back' stage. Photo by @222yukapi
The seats. Photo source: @yoshimin_k

The stage... photo source: @prikumi

And here we see a short glimpse of Rain prior to the show:

Of course, the fan cams are in, too! See Rain perform up close! We're so happy to see Rain again! He surprised the audience by singing Instead of Saying Goodbye along with Hip Song. Rain danced a little, but he still gave his best to the audience by singing well and interacting with them. Video below courtesy of vividly12blue. Good job! We love the close ups of our dear Rain!

And oh! Let's not forget the beauty of the stage and the backdrop, too! It was a grand grand stage, everyone! Fireworks were in the air while Rain was singing Instead of Saying Goodbye. See the video (courtesy of KFN and uploaded by jamieee418 in YouTube) below:

Rain has a LOT of photos circulating around the internet now... but let me share with you my favorites. Photos courtesy of our dear Clouds and KFN:

Photo by @jinjh_2625

Rain smiling at the camera. Photo source: @prikumi

The dance move that I look forward to in Hip Song. LOL! Photo by mayu, source: @prikumi

Forget the Hip roll! I'm lovin' this zipper move now! LOL!
Cool Rain! Photo source:
Rain's cute smile! Photo source:

My most favorite photo of them all: 
Cute and sexy Rain!
Stunning performance, I must say! The lights, the fireworks, and Rain make a truly remarkable and unforgettable show!

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