Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rain Returns to South Korea from US Trip

I thought he would stay in the US for weeks as what reports said. However, he stayed there for only 5 days and on May 11, 2013, he returned to his home country. Special thanks to our dear Clouds present in Incheon Airport for these photos and videos. 

In these times when we rarely get to see him out, photos and videos are special. We're so happy to see Rain again! 

Rain's beautiful smile. Photo by @vividly12blue

Rain leaving the airport. Photo by @qnwlfjsgkscjswo

Photo by @qnwlfjsgkscjswo

With the media following him... Photo by @qnwlfjsgkscjswo

Photo by @qnwlfjsgkscjswo

Photo by @qnwlfjsgkscjswo
Here is a very short video of Rain in an ambush interview. Video by 비 푸름 (source: vividly12blue)

See his cute smile! I just can't seem to get over it! This collage by dear Cloud Terry Yu is perfect! See~ Rain's smile makes us all inspired and creative! 

Cute smile. Collage by Terry Yu
Ah~ Rain! You make our day beautiful! #WaitingforRain

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