Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rain at the Arirang Unfinished War World Peace Festival

Rain performed two songs at the concert themed as Arirang Unfinished War World Peace Festival. It was held at Warner Theater in Washington DC on May 8, 2013.

Photos in Twitter and fan cams in YouTube about the show are everywhere! I'm so happy to see everything through our dear Clouds' eyes, from the anticipation build up to the unforgettable performance of Rain. Special thanks to our dear Clouds who were present for these fan cams and photos, credited as tagged. 

Let's go through these photos one by one. It's as if we're am present in DC too! 

The venue: Warner Theater. Photo by @scorpiola 
The ticket to the show. Photo by Cloud USAer Gee.
Getting excited now? Let's take a look at what was inside the theater:

The people inside the theater. Photo by @tonicNY

The audience near the stage. Photo by @tonicNY
The stage! Photo by @tonicNY
Our dear Cloud sisters received a brochure of the show! Argh~ This is a good souvenir to keep!

Cover of the brochure. Photo by @scorpiola

Handsome Rain's picture on the brochure. Photo by @scorpiola
All the anticipation to see Rain came true a few moments later. Contrary to past news, Sanchu was the MC of the show, not Rain. According to Clouds present, he did a good job of hosting and he had a good sense of humor, too!

Sanchu was one of the MCs of the concert. Photo by @MicheleDeMarco
Now.... we see Rain, through the eyes of our dear Cloud USAers. Get ready to feel the electricity and excitement! I, myself, screamed my lungs out when I saw these!

Rain sang two songs: Hip Song and Instead of Saying Goodbye. I'm so glad to hear Rain speak English! Video by valski

Rain's performance was exhilarating! I screamed too when he said to the audience, "Scream!". Argh! And I gotta love that funny zipper move in Instead of Saying Goodbye!  Here are fan cams courtesy of Cloud USAer Michele DeMarco:

Love Rain's smile on this video! He is cute and handsome, as always. Fan cam by valski

Photos anyone? Here are my favorites:

(photos not mine. I will edit once I get to know the owners.)

Beautiful Rain!

Rain with his dancers.

Love the audience for taking fan cams for us! Photo by @FrockYeah
Wow! Do you still have air left to scream some more?  I felt like I was present in the theater too! Talk about defying space and time as only Rain can!