Monday, May 20, 2013

Rain at the 37th Army Infantry Division (16 May 2013 Consolatory Train)

From stunning to incredible! I have ran out of words to describe how breathtaking Rain's performances are! Even only in photos, you can feel the energy emanating from the stage! Here we have another set of images from Rain's consolatory train performance on May 16, 2013. I think he sang Hip Song for this. 

Photo source:

Rain goes down from the stage to get near the audience and soldiers:

I have saved the best photos for last! Woah woah woah! Nice play of elements! Lighting, fire, and Rain! 
Lighting at the back, fire on front, and Rain at the center!

Rain and his dancers among the elements! Do you feel the energy or what?

So what is the correct adjective to describe Rain's performance for this? It must be... electrifying!

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