Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photos of Rain at the 19th Fighter Wing Air Force (14 May 2013 Consolatory Train)

Rain performed for the 19th Fighter Wing Air Force on May 14, 2013. We have no videos from this event yet. Ah well~ Few images make us miss Rain more and look forward to July 10, right Clouds? 

All photos courtesy of Defense Media Agency. Source link:

Here is our handsome sergeant gracing the stage! Looking at the pictures of the dancers, I think Rain sang Hip Song here.

Beautiful sergeant on stage.

Here I am again observing everything, not just Rain! The stage has been added a new element: Fire! There were some burst of fire on previous conso train stage before, but never has it been captured like this on camera! 

Huge fireball!

Good fire visualization

Another fireball!

Rain's beautiful stage!
Sgt. Jung interacting with  the audience! It is always a part of his performance!

And this.... is my favorite photo! Rain and his dancers together diffusing a powerful aura!

Yo! Wassup man!
It was another stunning performance from Rain, one of DEMA's most in demand soldier! Go, Sgt. Jung JiHoon! 

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