Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Hardship is Still My Precious Property"

One of Rainthetreasure's Words of Rain artwork touched my heart once again. This time it struck deeper. I am a person who see suffering in a negative way. 

What do you do when life gets difficult? Me... I get discouraged and give up. But here is a man so optimistic about it. He said "Hardship is still my precious property." As spoken by a person with a passion and enthusiasm for his work, Rain proves again the kind of person he is. 

WOR-16 by Rainthetreasure

I do everything with my best effort so I don't feel any guilt for slacking off. 
In the good times and bad times I always wanted to become the successful "Rain". 
In the future when compared to other singers, 
I hope to be remembered as "Rain, a hard worker". 
I take pleasure in doing my works. 
Hardship still is my precious property. 
It makes me push myself to practice harder, 
when people are sleeping, I am still awake working, 
and so I can win in a battle with myself.

He has proven it over and over again! From his difficult teenage years to his time in the army. Enduring hardship has always been one of his precious virtues. Each time he falls, he stands up stronger! 

All of his Clouds follow his example! Thank God for Jung JiHoon!  I chose the right person to admire. Now for me, each time I face with hardship, I will tell myself, "The person I look up to sees the positive in this!" So.... Aja! Aja!

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