Saturday, May 4, 2013

Achieve Fame Rain Artworks by harudoful

Take a look at these beautiful Rain fan arts from Rainthetreasure's new admin, harudoful! We are so happy to have her! Her artworks are dramatic with the play of colors, from black and white to soft-tones. From these we can feel Rain's dedication to his work and harudoful's love for him.  

Makes me feel how tough Rain is. 

harudoful's message to Rain in this picture touched my heart.

The violet tones and the highlights on Rain's face....

Happy Rain... 

The sepia effect makes me nostalgic. I miss Rain.

Rain is so in-character as TaeHoon.
Cute Rain! :)
Make you think of nature? Soft tones and blurry edges makes this photo one of my favorites.
So I was arguing with myself as whether the last photo above would be my most favorite or...

My favorite from this AFR collection.

This.... is my favorite from the AFR collection. Our dear harudoful put in sepia effects and she highlighted on Rain's face. The facial expression of Rain touches my heart and it makes me want to cry. 

I am so amazed at the creativity of our fellow Clouds! And the source of our inspiration? None other that Rain! Looking forward to more Achieve Fame Rain fan arts! 

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