Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twitter Trend on April 24 to Celebrate Rain's 11th Anniversary

Rain debuted in showbiz on April 24, 2002. Tomorrow (April 24, 2013) is the exact 11th year of his career. As a new Cloud, I'm glad that I can join in events such as this! With the success of the D-100 Twitter trend, I'm all the more excited to participate! 

To celebrate this feat, dear Clouds, let us all join in the Twitter trend event tomorrow! This just came in earlier, and was posted by NovemberRain at the World Cloud board.  The time of the event will be at 10PM - 12 Midnight KST. The time here in the Philippines will be at 9PM - 11PM. Tweet to @29rain and the hashtag that we will use is #11RAINingYear

Let us trend Rain worldwide, dear Clouds! :) 

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