Monday, April 8, 2013

The Date of Rain's Promotion is on May 1

During Rain's consolatory performances last April 2 and April 4, a lot of Clouds noticed that the green epaulets on his shoulders were not there. The stripes on his uniform, which signify rank, did not change too. 

We expected April 1 to be the date of Rain's promotion. However, this information is now deemed incorrect. There is an official Cloud Notice that Rain's date of promotion is now May 1. According to the source, The ROK Army announced last January that corporals for promotion to sergeant will be stated on May 1. 

I know that we had a trending event last April 1 about his promotion. So do I hear another round of twitter trending on May 1? It's a another chance at worldwide trends! *crosses fingers*

Jung JiHoon to be Sergeant on May 1, 2013. Photo by DEMA

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