Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Successful #11thRAINingYear on Twitter

Clouds all over the world got together on Twitter last April 24, the exact 11th Year of Rain's Debut Anniversary. We celebrated with a trending event which lasted for two hours. All of us used the hashtag #11thRAINingYear to commemorate this big event in Rain's career. I had fun tweeting and reading all the tweets to @29rain. It was so fast that it flooded my timeline every half a second! 

At the same time, I also posted a short blog post about Rain's debut stage, which happened 11 years ago.

Of course, let us not forget....

We have Rain because of JYP.

Clouds sent congratulatory messages to Rain for this achievement! To 11 years of living his dream:

As always, Rain unites all Clouds from different countries and languages. It is amazing to know we feel the same way for him. How we admire and love him... Our thoughts echo in our hearts. Here are some...

~Daisuki da yo~ (I like you.) 

I'm sure that if Rain read all our tweets, his heart will be touched by our kind words. We hope that he will have more and more anniversaries to celebrate with us! 

According to Rain's Little Cloud, there were 4,800 tweets per hour! #11thRAINingYear trended in Japan and Indonesia (See the full post by clicking here). Yay! Congratulations to us for making this event a success!

And oh! Before I end this post... 

....I sure did mark my calendar! July 10 come quickly! #WaitingforRain

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