Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some Images of Rain at the Army Aviation Operations Command (09 Apr 2013)

Rain had his share at the consolatory train show last April 9 at the Army Aviation Operations Command. We only have photos from this event, as this might be held in private. But we see Rain doing his best on stage. Here are my favorite pictures. All photos courtesy of DEMA (

Look at that stage! Fit for superstar Rain!
I got to give an applause to the photographer of this consolatory train! The photos of Rain with the red circle visualization at the backdrop are awesome! It makes the eyes focus on Rain and it gives that surreal effect! I give credit to those who are behind the stage as well! What a beautiful sight! 

Woah! Rain looks so divine!


Say Ooh La La!

Rain with his back up dancers! Still, the red circle at the backdrop complement them!

Oh! These lucky people come home happy after seeing Rain! Look at how they participate actively with him.

Rain and the audience.

Seeing all these photos made me excited, as if I were one of the audience! Now I realize how great a performer Rain is! He makes you feel as if you were there!

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