Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#SgtRAINsD100 April 1 Twitter Trend Event

Clouds from various countries joined the worldwide trending project for Rain's Day-100 and promotion to sergeantAll of us tweeted to Rain (@29rain) and used the hashtag #SgtRAINsD100. 

Of course, being a new fan of Rain, I was very much excited for this! It was my first time in joining a Twitter trend event for him. Tweets in different languages flooded my timeline and I was overwhelmed by the collective love of the Clouds!

The perfect description of what was happening! 

A Japanese tweet.

Wow! Greetings to Sgt. Rain in different languages in one tweet!

A tweet to Sgt. Rain in Korean.

Rain receives a tweet in Russian.

Of course, I just need to tweet in Filipino! 
I tweeted and I retweeted messages to my heart's content. Here are my favorites:

Ah~ Brings back memories!

I am always in this Rainy state. :)

King of Kpop! Oh Yeah~~

Clouds love Rain! 

"I love you" in different languages... all for Sgt. Rain!

Or that sexy back?

I just need to put this! This tweet made my night! 
I also took this opportunity to thank Rain for his inspiration to me. It feels good to have it retweeted by my fellow Clouds! I love this fandom!

One of my tweets to Rain.
Thanks to Rain's Little Cloud for organizing this event and looking forward to more trending projects in the future! It was so much fun! Check out their blog here to see the event report. According to Bi Arashi of Rain's Little Cloud, we successfully trended in South Korea, Peru, and Indonesia.

My next wish is.... I hope we trend worldwide next time! All for Sgt. Jung Ji Hoon! 

I love this night! 


  1. Wow Mariel your collected tweets from your timeline, very sweet of you !! Thanks Mariel

  2. Rain Cloud Philipinas, thank you for supporting #SgtRAINsD100
    The next April Event will be up soon, looking forward to work with you again in supporting RAIN.
    See you then ^^

    1. Yay! I'm excited for the next trending event! :) See you too! :)