Monday, April 29, 2013

Rain On Stage for the International Peace Support Group (25 Apr 2013 Consolatory Train)

Rain performed before the International Peace Support Group on April 25, 2013. So what is the background now? Besides Rain, I now observe the stage itself. After the gorgeous ball and lightning backdrops, the DEMA stage surprises us once again with creative visualization. 

Photos courtesy of DEMA (

The circles and waves remind me of my media player's Battery visualization. With Rain and his official four bars Sergeant badge, it becomes a sight to behold! 

Rain is getting leaner and sexier!  

Rain always takes the time to go down from the stage and reach the audience:

Happy soldiers at the sides reaching for Rain's hand. 
Nice shot, Mr. Photographer! :) So dramatic!
Rain makes any stage awesome! He just completes the whole picture! Hmmm... but my favorite backdrop is still lightning! 

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