Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photos of Rain at the Second Armored Brigade (Consolatory Train 11 Apr 2013)

Rain had a performance last April 11 at the Second Armored Brigade. One thing that I appreciate from this performance is we have a lot of photos of Rain interacting with the audience. We see happy faces from the soldiers once Rain comes close to shake their hands. Lucky ones! 

All photos courtesy of DEMA ( )

Those eager faces! 

Cheer for Rain! 

Good thing Rain didn't get mobbed.

This photo makes me focus on Rain's sexy back! Hihi~

I'm sure you want to see some of Rain's photos on stage, too! Well, here they are:

Add it up with a little fierce!

A salute after the performance (I think)
Rain is admired not just by women, but also by men! Those photos prove it! Well, us girls just scream louder! 

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